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Soul Warrior Training


In an initial deep-dive coaching conversation, we create a clear grid of what is holding you back, slowing you down, causing any pain or suffering in your life; and, what your life would look & feel like if you could have it just the way you'd want it. Beyond surface narrative, fear, limiting beliefs — painting a clear textured picture of the life of your true dreams. We then create a customized road map of how we support you transforming, transmuting, letting go of, and stepping into all of your desired outcomes and ways-of-being — and more!

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While every individual journey differs, the outcomes remain the same — greater joy, presence, health, empowerment, laughter, and love. We simultaneously make strides on both your goal line & soul line: incrementally adjusting the desired physical components in your life (work, relationships, habits, consumptions, time management, activities, flow); while deepening your relationship with your soul line (presence, clarity, honesty, beliefs, gratitude, peace, love, joy). The outcome is a deepening, energizing, fulfilling reframing of your relationship with every component of life.

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Sacred Circle Facilitator Certification

  • Embodied Dynamic Life Movement Practitioner

  • Conflict Resolution Peacemaker Educator

  • La Forza Sagrada (The Sacred Force) Trainer

  • Helped countless individuals radically improve their health, joy, and life

  • Empower others to clarify, create, energize & live the life of your dreams

  • If you are ready to put in the work, Avi has the tools, skills, and structure to help you get there

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